It's Christmas time, that means I'm boarding again! Here's the gang. Did I mention my place is 400 square feet! Merry Christmas!

Bat dog!
I don't know what all the fuss was about over Sal's foot, but everybody had to smell it so I took a sniff too. Low and behold, his foot smelled just like a potato chip! I went & got a bag for everybody to share later that day..

Though this looks rough, Harvey & Sal are playing very gently together. Sal's the sweetest, gentlest big dog I've ever met with a bit of clown mixed in. Harvey started this 45 minute long romp.

Dr Harvey takes a moment to inspect Sal's tonsils. "My what big tonsils you have"!

The dogs in my yard...

The dogs play & hang outside of Angelo the Golden Retriever's house while I do laundry there. Can't very well leave them at my apartment while I go do my wash at the laundrymat, who knows what mayhem would ensue!...

How precious is this face!

Kristina, Macy the small grey Schnauzers mom got all gussied up & posed for me the other day. Doesn't she look beautiful! Click on images to enlarge.

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