Miscellaneous Droid pics of "my" dogs. How cute are they?!

In my yard..

This guy isn't in our group but I photographed him anyway because I thought he looked part kangaroo, don't you?

Cowboy on the far right thinks he's part of the little crew, ha ha.

This isn't actually one of my dogs but I photographed this cutie because just look at those ears! They're ear-resistible!

All suited up for a rainy day:

Halloween! My favorite time of year. I'm not sure the dogs love it so much though. Lol.

The saying goes, don't bite the hand that feeds you. I think in this case the saying goes, don't chew on the vehicle which will fly you home...

Angelo and Audrey try to figure out what kind of animal this is...


Bella the awesome Doodle!

Bits and Bobbs...

Click on the next 2 images to see how big Bella looks compared to Flash. She looks like a Wooly Mammoth or a bear in these pics.