Otis 1992 to 2009. A life well spent.

"Otis last day Sept 14 2009 spent at the beach"
Otis' favorite place in the world was the beach. He knew many words and sentences. If I said, do you want to go to the beach, Otis would be by the door jumping up & down to get out. Once we got near the beach he would whimper & pace in the car. He never had the same reaction to the park, the beach was where it was at. Yesterday before the vet came we went to Crissy Field for one last beach run. Otis gave it his all despite not feeling well. Here are the pics from just one hour before I said goodbye. I love & miss you so much, O


Otis & I spent the last two days at the beach.

Otis cancer has returned. He's not doing so well so I'm trying to make every day count. He still looks good on camera!

At the end of the day Otis settles in for the drive home...