My furry beast was tamed with the shortest haircut I've ever seen on him. He looks so funny & cute. He has bushy eyebrows & a wrinkly forehead.

A side note. I can't get Otis to stop howling at me when I take his picture these days. The moment I whip out the camera he starts up. He never did this as a young dog. It recently started within the last year. I will be shooting another dog and Otis will come over, push the dog out of the way, put himself in the frame and start howling. It's fascinating and a little funny.

River the Portuguese Water Dog & Tuuli the white Golden are the newest members in group. I'm lovin' them already!

Tuuli and River are brother and sister. Tuuli the younger sibling is as sweet, affectionate and innocent as they come while River is wise, soulful and loving.

Tuuli decided to mooch in on this groups treat hand outs. There she is beggin' with the best of them on the right.


Today at the dogpark!!

Meet Duncan. He's one of the newer members to group. Everybody, loves him!

Click on this image if you dare to see all the spittle flying thru the air...


This dog isn't in our group but I had to photograph him in all his handsomeness...

break dancing has become very popular among the dogs at the park. Puff Daddy (real name) who belongs to another group dances for us all...


Otis. The love of my life...

Howling at Crissy Field


Meet Iris....