Or little A as I like to call him because I've been caring for him since he was the cutest little puppy known to puppy kind. Angelo was all head and ears as a puppy and now he is a full grown handsome Golden Retriever who gets mistaken for an Irish Setter often. I think it's his gorgeous red coat that throws people because to me he is all Golden. Little A is the sweetest guy you'll ever run into. As you can see, playing with other dogs is his game though playing ball is up there on his list of favorites. Radar, Beau, Gracie, Wonton, Macy and Mable are his buds. Angelo has the best recall out of all my dogs. I wish I could say I had something to do with that, but I think and I'm sure that his parents would agree, that he was born to please and be at attention. Angelo shares his affections with his new human baby brother, Leo. He makes for a great big "brother" and is a wonderful dog to have in group.

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