My foster, Petunia aka, Little Monster and Ware Wolf

Petunia, my little monster is the cutest ugliest dog I ever did see. I rescued her from Yolo County Animal Shelter, a kill shelter up near Sacramento. She had all kinds of problems from kennel cough, worms, fleas colitis to a fistuala, (open wound), that lead to her sinus cavity. With surgeries and such, I spent more money on this charming little girl in the 4 months I fostered her than in all of Otis' 13 years! It was worth it because, beside being an amazing dog, Petunia gives so much love in return. ADOPTED! After 4 months I found the perfect home for the little monster. Candice, Petunia's new mom brings Petunia to work with her every day where there is another little dog for her to hang with. She has brought Petunia over to my place to say hello and has had me walk her on some of my regular outings. P not only has a mom, but a dad too. I've visited their place and Petunia looks quite content with all her toys, outfits, bed fit for a princess and the love that Candice and Andrew have for her. A really great ending for a really great dog. Side note, I miss her, her gentle way and kisses_ loads_, but I can't imagine a better life for this sweet as honey girl than the one she has now.

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