Wiily passed on a couple weeks ago. When I got the news from her dad, I cried. Willy meant so much to me. I felt a huge connection to her. She almost seemed human-like when it came to understanding things. She was super smart, stately and loving. She took a back seat to her much younger brother, Beau and let him receive the attention and glory that Poodles seem to attract. Willy's quiet approach never went unnoticed though, and all those who met her briefly or new her well, adored her too. She was an elegant gentle peaceful soulful girl that is truly missed. Goodbye lovely Willy, goodbye.


Unknown said...

I am not a blooger or computer talker as I prefer more to watch and observe. Julie posted some photo's on her webpage after my eldest female standard poodle Willie passed away Feb 27, 2007. It is hard losing a pet as anyone who has ever had one knows but it is part of this process of life.

It is unfortunate though, people who have never had the love of an animal. Willie was with me for 14 years. I was scared to tell Julie the day she passed away as I know Julie is attached to all her animals in her groups.

That said, Willie seemed to be very attached to her also. And that was not common. She was very much like me. Social but holds back; willing to become close but not too close to that many people. Willie liked people but to allow them in as much as Willie allowed Julie in was a reflection on her as a person. This is evident in how well Julie does with her groups and how much life and fun she brings into their lives, above and beyond what they already have.

Anyway, thank you Julie for all you have done with Beau and with Willie. I knew it would take some time to realize she was gone but you were special to her. I knew that, she knew that, and you knew that, even if it wasn't as clear at the time as to how important. Our minds are very complicated but in her final hours I swear she was waiting for you to come to take her out one last time. I told her you would understand and that she could leave this physical world of ours and I would tell youthat she she was sorry she could not say good-bye herself.

So, why all this? It is nice to have a place to go as the healing continues. I love seeing her with the other dogs and it helps in the process.

I wish you the best of luck both as a dog walker and as an artist. It is unfortunate that not more people know of your talent in both areas.

Hopefully, your pictures will get peoples attention. I think your photo's of Lena and of Mia "the bride" were precious; beautiful and creative. I love visually on the post Number 4 and 6 of Mia, her alone and then Jonah across from her. I see wedding albums after wedding albums but this is so much more personal and the one word I think that is truly, uniqely portrayed is love. And this applies to your Lena series also.

I am not a writer, just another person in this world who you have touched and helped dearly, especially with my pets. I am private; I am quiet, but you deserve to be thanked and appreciated for your skills with animals and your talent as an artist/photograher. Hopefully more people, as time moves on, will find this out for thmselves.

Julie Weisberg said...

I love my job, it's even better when I'm recognized for it. Thanks so much for acknowledging my work both with the animals and my photography.

I'm so glad this blog has givin you a place to be inspired and look back to see your happy dog, Willy and help in the healing process of her passing.

Last, I think _you ar_ a writer, Chris. Your words are touching, thoughtful and inspiring.